Saturday, February 20, 2010

Viola Time

Well, it is viola season again! I so look forward to these little flowers every year. I love them so much that I have many many seed pack in all manner of colors. Every year I think I am going to start thousands of plants and fill up every pot and space in my yard with them. Then, somehow, the season is upon us, and I have done nothing about those seeds. And, no way am I going to wait around for those seeds to sprout and get any decent growth on them, when just down the street there are dozens of all ready blooming plants just waiting for me to come and get them! So, once again, it was off to the nursery for a little bit of happiness.

Of course, I picked up a few of the classic Johnny-Jump-Ups.

Then, there are these little yellow ones that have become a favorite.

And then, there are my favorite favorites. I can never get too may of these!

After I got those all potted up, I picked a nice little bouquet of daffodils. Just the white ones today. Years ago, we planted hundreds of daffs all over our property. I had hoped they would naturalize and be prolific. But, like most things, it did not work out quite like I had envisioned it. We don't have the volume I had hoped for, but we do have plenty, and in time, they will number in the hundreds. And, honestly, we do have a couple hundreds blooms. But, I guess that since they are all spread out, it doesn't seem like so many. Thousands, that's what I really want. Thousands of daffodils! (and lilacs, and sweat peas, and roses and violas!!)
Sigh...I need a bigger yard, and a gardener and NO deer.

And then, I finished pruning my climbing roses. There is just something about pruning. It is like having a clean closet or an organized fabric stash, or a tidy junk drawer. It is just so wonderful! This rose is a Golden Showers and the arch it is climbing on was built for me by my sweet husband. It was a birthday gift from many years ago. When it is in bloom, it is stunning. And the smell.....
But, in the early spring it looks like this. Just waiting for a little warm weather.

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