Monday, February 15, 2010

The World's Yummiest Cupcakes!

Yesterday I made the best cupcakes ever!

I have been dabbling in the art of cupcakes for several months, now. It all started with the purchase of Martha Stewart's Cupcake cookbook. There are some very yummy recipes in that little book! It has inspired me to 1) try all of her recipes, and 2) create a few of my own.

My first recipe was for Mexican Chocolate cupcakes. They were inspired by my girls' love of mexican hot chocolate, (our friend Ruby introduced them to Abuelita's Mexican chocolate many years ago, and they have loved it ever since). Needless to say, they were a huge hit.

But, yesterday's cupcakes were even better. Cream filled chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. YUM YUM YUM.

I have not ever known how to make a cream filling or how to fill a cupcake. But, I saw a little article in Taste of Home Magazine for Valentine treats, and they had a recipe and instructions. Unfortunately, their filling was a dressed up cool whip, and cool whip is one of those non-food foods that i just can't buy. But the how-to directions were perfectly simple.

So here is the deal (and my cool whip-free cream filling recipe):
Make your favorite chocolate cupcakes. Cool completely.

4oz cream cheese
1/2 c sugar
Mix until well incorporated and fluffy.
Add 1 c whipping cream and mix until it is whipped cream.
Put it into a decorator bag with a large-hole tip.
Make a little slit in the bottom of your cupcake paper.
Insert the tip into the slit and pipe the filling in.
The top of the cupcake will start to bulge when it is full enough.
If you put in too much, the top will crack open.
But don't worry, this is easily hidden with frosting.

Now, just frost them with your favorite chocolate frosting!

Note: You may try filling them from the top. It seems like that would work just fine too, and then there would not be a little hole in the bottom of the paper. And, any hole in the top would be easily hidden by the frosting.


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