Wednesday, December 22, 2010


2010 Advents

My girls have always had an advent, of some kind, to help them count down the days until Christmas. It was a beloved part of their growing up.
They have both moved out this past year and are busy busy busy. But, I did not want them to miss out on an old favorite, so I made them each their own Advent this year.

This is Becca's.

This is Courtney's.

They are both made with match boxes, and stuffed with Bible verses and Dove chocolates. (Cheap Christmas candy just doesn't hold the appeal that it used to!!)

I made this one for my little nephew. It is made from jean pockets and stuffed with Bible verses and hot wheels cars. He is loving it!

And I made this one for myself. It came together over the summer as part of a blue jean challenge.

I hope the Christmas season is filled with blessings and joy at your house, and that all of your favorite traditions are alive and well!


  1. You are a dynamo! So creative and getting all these fun things made! I bet your daughters loved their Advent keepsakes.
    I wondered what those little blue socks were for :-) I'm a little slow here to catch on!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. How do you have this much time????Eeek! They are all darling!