Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Orange and lime are Christmas colors too!

This pillow belongs to my bff. And I LOVE it. Very much!

She brings it out every fall. I have tried and tried to get her to give it to me.
"About that little pillow"...
"You don't love it like I do"...
"It would look better at my house"...
"You don't even like orange"...
"Your sister won't even notice that you re-gifted it"...
"Not even for your bff "...
She always says NO!

But look at what she gave me for Christmas!

She made it herself! She loves me.
And don't you think that the orange one would look perfect right next to this one!
At my house, of course.

And, in the interest of all things lime, check out this little dandy.

A porcelain tea mug from my friend Loris, a fellow tea lover. Isn't it fabulous!

I hope you have lots of holiday color filling your little corner of the world, too.


  1. I think you should ask for the chair too!

  2. Courtney makes me laugh :-)
    That pillow is so beautiful. She did awesome work on it!
    And enjoy your tea, dear. I've got my green one right here too. Merry Christmas!

  3. What? I'm the only one with a WHITE tea mug? Oh well, I'm good with it! So glad you like your pillow! And yet, you STILL want the original?