Friday, December 31, 2010

Girlfriends and Holidays

I was just discussing this evening's plans with my bff.
I love her. And we have lots in common. But, we also have lots not-in-common!

Like holidays.
We do not share similar visions for what makes the perfect holiday. I like hustle and bustle and friends and family and fun. She likes cozy and simple and healthy and quiet.


Take tonight for example.

She is hanging with her guy.
I am hosting a party with my daughter.
We will be having a house full of people.

They are going out to eat at a new (to them) restaurant.
We are planning a huge spread of appetizers.

They will probably eat fish and steamed veggies.
And a starter. She loves starters. But she'll deny it.
If anything healthy appears at our place, it will be by accident.

They are going to watch a sweet movie together.
We are having game night and a bonfire.

They are planning a nice bottle of wine.
We are serving Skip and Go Naked in the punch bowl.

They will probably be in bed by 10 pm.
We will be lucky to have the house cleared out by 1 am.

They will probably start their day with a nice little walk with their doggie to their favorite local coffee shop.
We will probably start with washing the dishes and chances are good that our little doggie will not be getting a walk tomorrow, at all.

As different as night a day.

Happy New Year BFF!!
I heart you.

And if you would like the recipe for Susan Branch's Skip and Go Naked, click here.


  1. I heart you too! Will think of you as I'm snuggled up on my cozy couch, in front of a fire, sipping my vino, next to my sweet hubby whilst watching a sweet movie. Will also think of you as we walk Kali to the coffee shop tomorrow morning, weather permitting. You know me too well!!!

  2. BTW, love that pumpkin! I have one just like it. Did I give that to you??? Did you give mine to me? Or is that just one of those things we DO have in common and we both saw it, loved it, bought it... separately?