Monday, December 12, 2011

Block 4: Simple Stars

It's time to add another little bit to the Autumn's Bounty BOM.
This month it will be 3 little stars. And you can download the pattern here.

These are pretty simple, so I don't really have any tips for you.
Ok, maybe just 1.
Make them!!
Don't put them on the to do list.
Don't think "Oh I will catch up next month", or "I'm too busy, it's Christmas time".
No, no. Just make them!!

And one little sneak-peek into the future: Next month will be our last month of just making parts. After that, we will start assembling all of these lovely little pieces into a lovely little quilt.

And one more sneak-peak: a give away is coming very soon!!

A follow-up note: For some reason, Internet Explorer does not always want to open the pdf downloads. I have no idea why. But, if you are having trouble opening the pattern in IE, you might want to try opening it in Firefox. It is a more reliable browser.
And if there are any techies out there who can tell me what I can do to minimize the problem, well then bring on the advice!!!


  1. Thank you Rana! I use Google Chrome and it worked this time around! :)

  2. Where do I find the block 4? I use Mozilla and it says the pdf for block 4 doesn't exist. I had no problem with the first 3. Excited about the mystery.

  3. I use chrome and it worked for me. I haven't even started yet. I will get to after Christmas I think :)

  4. Oh, I almost missed it because it wasn't linked in the original post, like 2 and 3. Thank goodness I looked at the blog post list! Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you again. I will be starting soon.