Monday, December 19, 2011

Who Knew??

Do you love pomegranates??
Me too.

Do you hate peeling them??

You have simply got to watch this video by Martha Stewart.
It will change your life!!

Ok, maybe it won't change your whole life, but it is sure gonna free up a lot of time.
And eliminate those sore, purple finger tips.
My guy is outside right now picking a pomegranate
(in the dark!!) so I can try this for myself.
How exciting.

Update: It really works!
Martha Stewart ROCKS.


  1. Wonderful.....thanks for sharing the video. We love pomegrantes but I hate picking out all the seeds. I will for sure use this tip the next time I buy one.

  2. My dad used to peel hundreds of them from our trees out back, in Tucson, and then make syrup by the gallons. It was so yummy! I miss that!