Monday, January 9, 2012

Block 5: Big Strings

It's time for Block 5.
And it's going to look very familiar to you. You can download the pattern here.

More string blocks. But this time they are 8 1/2". And you are gonna need 6 of them.
Be sure and stick with your chosen background color, and let me remind you of these few tips from last time:
~Do you see that little strip of white/gray. I regretted that very much. Don't do that.
~Do you see that there are lots of different black prints, but there is no huge difference in scale or shade. Do that.

Remember, this is our last month of making just parts. Next month we are going to start putting it all together. You will still need a few more things, but it will be a make-them-as-you-go situation, from here on out.

Happy stitching!!

Oh yeah, did you hear about the new POM??
If not, scroll down to the previous post.

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  1. Thank you - I'm behind and catching up!