Saturday, January 21, 2012

Inspired by...

Pinterest again!!

This time I cannot show you the original pin because I lost track of it. It seems to have disappeared into the vast cosmic entity known as Pinterest.

It's called the Champagne Chandelier. And it is completely wonderful.

It's made with clear glass and plastic (mostly plastic) ornaments, fishing line, and a grate.
The ornaments are suspended from the grate by varying lengths of fishing line, and the grate is attached to the ceiling. (We used the front of a box-fan for the grate and my guy just temporarily attached it to the ceiling.)

It hung over our New Year's Eve dinner table.

I hosted the main course of the progressive dinner party we enjoyed with a lovely group of friends. All of whom, by the way, used a little Pin-spiration to plan their part of the evening!!

The chandelier photos were taken by my friend Laura of Dienzo Designs.You can see more of her work here. She is amazing!


  1. beautiful! (and I love your blue willow plates! My granmother had them and oh, I want them in pink!!)

  2. You and your guy are a good match. You are both so creative and such problem solvers!