Monday, January 9, 2012

Pincushion of the Month Club

It is here!

The pincushion of the month club for 2012.

I have so many wonderful pincushion patterns that I want to share with you. Some will be small and some will be big. Some will be simple and others will be a bit harder. Some will be new and some will be ones you have already seen. And then there are the embellishments! Oh the embellishments. There will be a mix of new things and vintage treasures with a few unexpected surprises thrown in too!! (Like September!)

I am so excited about this little adventure. So let's jump right in.
January will be....Heirloom Tomatoes.

It was so hard to decide where to start. Of course, something new was calling to me but so was this one. And since it is THE classic pincushion, it had to go first. And because it has such a clean and tidy little look, it had to be in January. Because we are all looking to simplify and organize and live tidy in January. (Come July we're over it, but in January....) And because it has a little bling to it, it's reminiscent of New Year's Eve celebrations.

So you see why it had to go first?!

In case you haven't seen this pattern before, let me tell you about it. First of all, it's tiny. It has a circumference of 7 whole inches and stands about 1 inch tall. So it is THE PERFECT place to showcase a lovely little bit vintage charm. A button, of course, but also an earring or a small broach or even a charm. Whatever you might have tucked away in a drawer that you have been saving...for something...but don't know what. Maybe it's a stray or mismatched piece. Or maybe it was your Granny's. Or maybe it's a piece with a little wear showing. Even better! Take it out of the drawer and use it to adorn your new little pincushion. Then, sit that pincushion right there on your sewing table and let it shine, just like old times!!

You are gonna love this one. It is SO sweet.

You can access the POM page right here.

Oh, and did I mention that each pattern will be sale priced for the month it is highlighted.
And that there are PDF patterns available.
And kits.
And a few ready-made cushions. Like this one:

And this one:

So pop on over and check it out.
And if you are interested in reviewing a pattern and hosting a giveaway on your blog, just let me know!! Because I need your help getting the word out!


  1. I love pincushions but have made very few. Yours are way cute and I really need to make a few to put my machine needles in labeled sections.

  2. Got mine finished! I will review/post about it on Friday if that is ok with you? I want to make another before then. And maybe another. Or another.

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  4. So cute! Just found you thru' Hillbilly Handiworks! Love your POMs!

  5. Tonya always points us in the direction of interesting things. The little pincushions look adorable. I think I need one.

  6. Also found you through Tonya. These look very doable.

  7. I just found you via Desertsky Quilting (via the Pincushion yahoo group) and I'm happy to do a review of one of your pincushions for you.