Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feed the Birds

Last week I was helping a friend prune roses. The "friend" was Grandpa George and the roses belonged to another friend, Linda.

Linda and I have been friends for half of forever, so I know just how sweet she is. I could list off a zillion things here but I am just gonna say one. She is hosting my daughter's wedding in June!! In her beautiful, rose covered back yard. So sweet.

That's why I was there pruning roses. And glad-to-the-bone to do it. Anyway, (here's where the birds come in!!) whenever she comes to visit me she always ohhhs and ahhhs over all of the birds in my yard. And whenever I go to her house, I think, why??? Because she has so many more birds, and nests and blossoms and peace and quiet than I do! Not to mention the stars. I think you can see every single star in the night sky from her house. But I digress. Again.

She has a water fountain that bubbles away in her back yard. And the little song birds just LOVE it. So I was watching all of these little birds while I was pruning and it made me realize that I needed to get my fountain fixed. Pronto. This time of year, especially, the little birds need fresh water. And I have seen a big decrease in feather visitors. So this had to be addressed. And fast. I couldn't have Linda showing up and seeing no birds in my yard!!

My guy fixed it on Sunday. And today, two whole days later, we have a yard full of birds, including this guy:

And these guys:

This one flew off before I could snap his picture:

This fine fellow:

And this guy:

And now things feel more right, over here in my neck of the woods.
And Linda, feel free to stop by any time. I have birds!!


  1. We love watching the birds come to our bird feeders and bird bath. I loved seeing the pictures of your adorable backyard birds. :)
    It sounds like it will be a beautiful wedding in your friend's rose garden!

  2. What an enjoyable fountain that is. I love all the birds coming to your yard, and love what I can see of your yard, too!