Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Block 11: The Final Borders

Well, here we are. The last installment of Autumn's Bounty.

The last little bit is, of course, borders. One thin solid border and one final pieced border.

My last piece of advice is to resist the urge to finish it off with a solid final border. The pieced border (kind of a random piano key border that reflects the string piecing) keeps the movement in the center of the quilt going all the way to the edge. A solid border will work, of course, but it looks so flat and...... well flat! (I actually tried it with several different fabrics :0)

And that my friends, wraps the whole thing up. You can download the pattern here.
I sure do hope that you enjoyed it!

Now, before we leave the world of fun and free patterns.... my birthday is almost here. And so is my favorite holiday. And that means MORE FREE PATTERNS!
So check back the end of June and again the first week of July for 2 more freebies.



  1. I didn't get time to make this quilt, but I love it. Maybe I can get one done before October? Thanks for the beautiful pattern.

  2. Ahh the Great Pumpkin rises again out of the most humble pumpkin patch. I agree with Marj, maybe I could get busy and make one before October - It turned out adorable and I'm loving that string block look.

  3. Thanks so much. I have saved all the parts and hope to have this made by fall.

  4. Rana, your finished piece is lovely, thanks for the wonderful pattern and inspiration.

    Where is Charlie Brown?