Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer List

Since today is the official first day of summer, I thought it would be a great day to post our summer list. And by "our" I mean my. Pretty much. My guy will be doing a lot of the same stuff. But not all of it.
Like #12. He's not doing that. Or 8, 9, 10 and 11. He's out there too. And #3. He is definitely out on #3. That one belongs to Mama. (That's me. Actually, nobody calls me Mama except me. And I only refer to myself by that name when I am trying to act like the boss. The BIG BOSS. The "don't even" boss. Yup, when I start throwing that name around my people know that they had better (or had better not, as the case may be)...Well, it doesn't actually work out that way in real life. But in my head....oh yeah....the boss is in the house!!)

Anyway, back to the list. Which, btw, I have already started. That's right people, Mama already started. (See what I mean. You knew.)

I already finished #5. Becca and I planted these a couple of weeks ago, on her birthday.

Here's mine:

I planted it in an old piano bench. One that I got for free at a yard sale.
(Yup, #11 is also in full swing.)

Here's Becca's:

She planted hers in part of an old red wagon my guy hauled home from the dump.
He only wanted the wheels and the chassis, so it worked out great.

#4 is also going well. We moved our garden from the old garden spot (which never got enough sun) to the old horse coral. Now it gets all sun, all the time. And it is a lot bigger than the old garden. I am loving it. And by "loving it" I mean LOVING IT!!

We have our tickets for #2 and our reservations for #7 and I have a cute new dress for #1(Ariel) and right this very minute there are 175 cupcakes cooling on my counter top for #1 (Courtney). And tomorrow morning Courtney and I are going to finish the cupcake chandelier. Whew!

Oh, and #3. Are you wondering what that is?
It is similar to Flat Stanley, only you play with a sock monkey instead.
On Memorial Day, we had a little family summertime "kick-off". We had a BBQ and made our sock monkeys. It was a lot of fun...and a lot of funny! I wish you could have seen my guy and our almost-son-in-law with a needle and thread!!

The Monkeys:

From left to right, these monkeys belong to: Courtney, Kyle, Me, Becca and, my guy.

And, just so you are in the know, my guy plans on losing because he says his monkey looks too stupid to be seen with in public. Perfect! That will make it a little bit easier for me to win!!

And if you want to see where these monkey have to go, you can click here for a peek at our bingo cards. (The monkeys must be photographed in each of the locations. The person who photos the most sites wins. And the prize.... a $25 pot! Oh yeah, Mama is gonna win all of that moo-la!)

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  1. Great idea to make a list. I made fairy gardens before. They are so enchanting and "concert"(s) is on my summer to do list. And I signed up for a quilting retreat - not until Oct, but I am SO looking forward to it.