Monday, April 26, 2010

Don Juan and the Seven Sisters

This weekend was the Seven Sister's Quilt Show. My guy dropped me off on our way home from a very fabulous camping trip. I met up with two of my favorite girlfriends, and we had ourselves a lovely little afternoon filled with inspiration.

Here are some of our favorites:

Yes, this wonderful little machine! Don't you wish you owned her? I sure do. I would just love to show up at every stitching event in the world with this little gem in tow.

This is a Sandy Turner beauty. I am not usually a fan of African quilts, but this one is an exception. The layout is clever and the colors are striking. But the really fabulous part of this piece is the quilting. Unfortunately, you cannot see it, but it was exquisite. It had a large lion's head with a full mane, a large giraffe's head and a large parrot quilted into it. And, they were all very well done.

Of course, this Karen Stone quilt was there. It is at every quilt show, everywhere. And yet, I am NEVER tired of seeing it. I love this piece, and I am so wanting to make one myself!!

I do love the pineapples!

What's not to love about yellow and aqua strings! So cheerful.

Now, it is finally full on spring here in my little corner of the world. Hurray!
And here is what's happening out in the yard.

The climbing Don Juan's are blooming. They are so gorgeous. And they smell good, too.

Grandpa George trained them to grow across the top of this fence. They look so nice there, and I would have never thought to do that myself. He's is a great gardener!

This is a yellow climber called Golden Showers. It is also completely fabulous. It blooms heavily once in the spring time, and then sporadically until fall.

Beautiful. I only wish it was a nonfading yellow. But, those are a little harder to come by.

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