Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Notions

Well, it is another day for little notions. So, here goes...

Little Notions
April 16, 2010

I believe that this journal entry thing has too many questions. So, I am going to shorten it to six. This counts as one!

I just love red, especially if it has big white polka dots on it. Or little white polka dots, for that matter. And hey, no discrimination here, medium sized polka dots are great too!

I am grateful for the fact that both of my girls got into their first pick colleges. What a huge blessing!

I am reading Broken Dishes by Earlene Fowler. Actually, I just finished it. And, this is probably my favorite book in the series. I just love Hud, he really cracks me up!!

I really need to wrap up plans for my guy's birthday party, a tailgater at the drive-in. He wants to see Clash of the Titans, which was the first movie his dad ever took him to see in a theater. Funny huh, the two of them bonding over that movie. And have you seen the original version? We were just required to, by you know who, in preparation of the up and coming re-make "event". What a laugh! Technology has sure come a long way.

In my kitchen are several lemons that are going to be transformed into Linda B's Amazing Lemon Bars.

A photo thought about wildflowers in April: