Friday, April 30, 2010

The True Markers of spring

My family has lived in this same community for almost 23 years. We have been in our current home for the last eight of those years. So we have watched many seasons change from these very windows. And, I have to say that there is something so sweet about the predictability of those changes. I know that in December there will be narcissus and late January will bring the daffodils poking through the ground and in full bloom from February through April. Early spring also brings the leafing out of the oaks, (and the poison oak!), as well as blossoming violas, violets, fruit trees, and all of the wildflowers. Yes, it makes it easy to KNOW that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. All of creation testifies to it!
But for me, there are three "real" markers of spring. I so look forward to them every single year. I know that when I see them, spring is here to stay. And, over the last couple of weeks they have begun to arrive, with the final one falling into place just yesterday!

Lady Banks

Cecil Brunners

Baby Chicks

I LOVE baby chicks!!! These happen to be Cuckoo Marans and Americanas.

What does spring look like to you?

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