Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A foggy morning in our neighborhood

This was the view out our front door this morning. Pretty isn't it?
We don't get a lot of foggy mornings up here on the hillside. There is a definite frost and fog line about a quarter mile down the road. Many mornings when we walk or drive down, it is very prominently visible. And, it does come higher up, but not always. It is more common to look out the window to a clear view, with fog in the distance, blanketing the town. And, the frost comes up this far as well, but I would say it doesn't more often that it does.

This is the view coming up the road to our house.

This is what our horse looks like on cold mornings. Funny huh? My daughter bought this blanket on sale, and we all just laughed. And, don't think the horse likes it either, she puts up a great fuss when it is time to put it on! Poor baby.

This is what all of the oak trees are looking like these days. The deer just love to eat the tender young leaves.

The poison oak is looking lush, don't you think? The deer never touch the stuff.

And the first bottle brush bloom has arrived.

So has the first Baby's Blanket rose.

And the potato bush is blooming.

And so is the mock orange.

What's happening in your neighborhood?

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  1. Thanks for that little snippet into your wonderful life!