Thursday, September 2, 2010

7 New Mamas

I just have to tell you about the friendliest church in the world!
It is the Calvary Chapel in Quincy California.

We spent 10 days in Quincy with our Becca, getting her all settled into her new home/town/college. And in those 10 days we met some of the most wonderful people, and almost all of them attend Calvary. They were the kind of folks who go all out to welcome the new people who walk through their doors. By the end of the first service, we had met a dozen people, been invited to dinner and had a collection of phone numbers "just in case you need anything". Oh, and let's not forget the invite to bring the laundry by and have a cup of coffee! (Seriously! And you know that if you are camping for 10 days, at least 1 trip to the laundromat is required.)

And, the best part is that my little girl acquired 7 new mamas in the process. All specialized. What a gigantic blessing!! The Lord knew just what my heart needed. So, who are these new mamas?

Charlotte- she is the Preacher's wife and she has a true heart for the Lord. Just the person to mentor and hold Bec accountable. They get along just great.
Jeannie- she is a cowgirl and she available for all horse problems, trailering and trail riding. And, she has already proven herself to be a wealth of information.
Nanci- she is Becca's new landlord/dorm mom. What a treasure! They have already made all kinds of plans together, and I know that nothing is going to escape Nanci's attention.
Paula- she is the quilter. And if my baby girl gets lonely for her real mama, Paula is waiting in the wings to whisk her off to a guild meeting. (Becca assures me this will never happen, but you never know!)
Dee-she is the "Polish" mom. Her daughter moved to Poland just a few months ago, and you know that our Bec is obsessed with Poland. So, they are a great match.
Karen- she is the mom of twin third grade girls. So, I am sure she will have no trouble getting a handle on our little Gemini. And, there may be great babysitting opportunities here!
Atascadero Mom- she works for PG&E. When Bec went in to have her power turned on they struck up a conversation and realized they were both from the same home town. She told Bec to think of her as her new Atascadero mom, and to drop by often.

Can you believe it! 7 women who made an effort to meet us, take an interest in our daughter and give her their phone numbers. 7 beautiful women serving the Lord by loving others.
John 13:35 in action!

I will close this post with a little walk down Memory Lane:

Yes, we did let our 19 year old daughter, who looks 12, drink a beer in Ireland. It was legal. And she really wanted to try one. Does that make us bad parents?

I love you Bec!


  1. oh made me cry! Now I won't be able to sew straight seams...well, maybe they weren't so straight before :-)
    Isn't God good? What sweet news about Bec's new adventure.

  2. Praise the Lord for comfort and care. Armando was telling me about all this and I am so thankful!
    Thinking of you!
    Happy Stitching!