Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Fruitful FNSI

Friday Night Sew In has come and gone. I hope all of you participants got plenty done! I started with a nice long list, and finished only a little bit of it. Actually, I got a lot done, I was just hoping to finish more than I did. You know how it goes.

First on my list was to border my green and purple quilt and get it layered. I had lined up an assistant to help me layer it because it's so big. But, she did not show up! Some lame-o excuse about barfing children. Like that's a reason.

So I had to wait for my back-up assistant to get home from work. And, predictably, he proclaimed that he would rather be shot (in the head, none the less) than help me layer another quilt! Good grief. And, he also sternly warned me not to tell people that he sometimes, under great duress, helps me out. So, the identity of my Mystery Assistant shall forever remain a secret. My lips are sealed.

Then I moved on to a story quilt that has been in need of a little attention. I started with all of the blocks.
And it came together like this. It is going to be a Christmas Quilt.

Then, I finished up the drawing and headed off to the blue printer to get it enlarged.

More on this quilt later. Much later.

Next was these blocks for my quilt group ladies.

2 plaid string blocks.

And 1 delectable mountain. Almost. I guess I will be getting a couple of blue triangles in the mail next week!

Then it was the blocks for the guild's opportunity quilt. 2 bags of pieces.

Bag 1 = 3 little Ohio stars.

Bag 2= 1 Mariner's Compass.

Then it was 2 purses. One needed handles and the other needed a clasp and a button.

And finally, this little top needed to be layered and quilted.

I got this far when my guy inquired whether or not I was ever going to stop making all that noise and come to bed.

And so, FNSI came to an end. Along with about half of a crazy-long list.


  1. love it all ... i wouldn't share the berries either!!!!

  2. My goodness, you got a ton done! I love the little quilt with the squares. Actually, I love it all. I hope you're resting tonight!

  3. You sure did get a lot accomplished. I love the plaid string blocks. I don't come across plaid fabric very often. But the next time I do, I'm going to purchase some. Too cute.

  4. Wow! Great sewing! I love the layout of your green and purple quilt! The plaid string quilt is too cute!

  5. Shiver me timbers! (It's pirate talk day...)
    You really got alot done. Nice work!
    So what dufus didn't give you all the pieces for her block to be sewn?!
    I'm looking forward to sewing Wednesday :-)

  6. Wow, you got so much done! Beautiful work. Thanks for popping over to see my FNSI work, I've now finished the stitchery and posted it! Thanks for your lovely comment.

    I wanted to check on everyone's FNSI work too, but wasn't sure if there was a handy way to do it rather than going through everyone's blog - how do you check everyone's work out?

  7. Love the new fall look.....

  8. I love the brown polka dots & the sunsets!