Friday, September 24, 2010

A Momumental Crisis

Tomorrow is my guy's 25th high school reunion. And we are going. So, obviously hair must be addressed. I called my usual hairdresser, who has been cutting my hair since the late 80s. And wouldn't you know it, she was completely booked. She has been on vacation and is trying to catch up. So, with a heavy heart, I drove my shaggy head down to the salon of a stranger.

She was not the source of this crisis. The cut is a-okay.

Then, today I decided that I had better tackle the shock of gray at my temples. I surely do not want to be the only gray-headed spouse at this reunion!

I prefer to use Clairol Colorspa in the shade of medium cocoa, but apparently this color has been phased out.


Since I was being forced to make a change I decided to just try the one on sale. Revlon Colorsilk #40, medium ash brown.

I have medium brown hair.

Warm cocoa is medium brown.

This had a picture of medium brown.

Easy right.


I didn't notice the problem at first. But when I looked in the mirror after my 20 minutes was up, my hair was black with dark purple at the skin!! BLACK with DARK PURPLE!! I nearly had a heart attack on the spot.

And then I started praying. And shampooing. A lot.

I'm pretty sure I cried as I pictured my new life on solitary confinement. No church. No quilt group. No board meetings. No Mary Mashuta class next weekend. No Sarah Palin lecture the weekend after that. No dinner parties. No lunch with LB. And, definitely NO high school reunion.

This was looking very, very bad.

But, the Lord must have heard me! My hair is definitely darker than I like it, but it is not black.

And, more importantly, it is NOT PURPLE!!

Hallelujah!! My chains are gone, I've been set free. My God, my Savior ransomed me. (Feel free to sing along with me!)

So, if you have medium brown hair with a shock of gray at your NOT try Revlon Colorsilk #40, medium ash brown. It is just not worth the stress.


  1. Oh my goodness! I wish I could have seen this!

  2. Way too funny my friend! A photo would have been nice but then again, when I was doing my impression of Sandra Bulluck in the Blind Side, posting a photo wasn't at the top of my list. Glad to hear you have been "ransdomed" and hope your time at the reunion as the new and improved you is filled with joy. Thanks for sharing! BIG Hug~ Tamy

  3. Yes, a photo would have been nice to help illustrate your story ;-)
    Hope you had fun at the reunion!