Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Time Offender

Here's the thing: I am a first born. If you are a first born, or married to one, or raising one, you know what that means. Dependable, responsible, organized. All good things, right? Right.

But, occasionally (very very occasionally, hardly ever really, barely worth mentioning) we do something dumb. And when we do, it BUGS us. Because we are first borns, and we definitely do NOT do dumb.

And, as it happens, I have done two dumb somethings in the last week! That's right, two. What is happening to me!! I may need an intervention, or a support group, or medication, or.......something.

First of all, I watered the chickens. That's it, I just filled up their trough. FOR 6 HOURS!! With the water hose at somewhere near maximum flow! Aargh! Lucky for me, my guy discovered it when he went out to close the hens in for the night. Otherwise, our house may have just floated off the side of the hill in the middle of the night.
I was not a happy girl. And when the water bill comes next month.....

So, this week I am house-sitting for my bff who is on vacation. And, she has this great sewing room. And cable TV. On the coast. I love it here!
I brought several projects with me and I have been working away on them. This morning I wanted to shake out a quilt top and get rid of all of the loose threads. But not in the house, that would be too messy. A first born would never do that!
So, I walked out the front door to shake it out. And the door closed behind me. And it was locked. And so were all of the other doors. And all of the windows. Except one. The highest one in the whole house. It was on the second story, above a VERY slope-y walkway. I had no keys, no phone, no shoes, and no dog. But, I did have a really great Halloween quilt top to keep me warm if I didn't make it back in by nightfall.
Off to the neighbor's house I went. Her name was Phyllis and she was quite elderly and suspicious of the crazy, barefoot lady, covered in loose threads and claiming to be locked out of her neighbor's house. But, she did let me use her phone (while I stood on her front stoop). And, she called out to another elderly person who was out for a stroll. With his cane. Then she filled him in on the whole situation. And, then... she suggested we call the police! (Not the police, anything but that!!) Fortunately for me, the man (whose name was Bob) found me to be trustworthy enough to dismiss the idea of calling the cops. (Thank goodness. Could you imagine the horror of a barefoot first born explaining her 2nd dumb event of the week to the cops!! No thank you!).

Well, I had gotten a hold of my guy, and yes, he could come and help me out in an hour and a half. So, Bob and I walked back to the house to assess my options. First of all he insisted that I look for a spare key under all of the pots on the porch, under the mat and above the spider-infested door frame.
Sadly, there was no key. But on a positive note, it took most of the hour and a half to look under all of those pots! Then, we walked all around the house trying the doors and windows. And, eventually Bob came to the same conclusion I had. I was locked out.
"Well", he said, "I am taking my morning stroll. But you come on over and have a cup of coffee with Josie. She'll be glad to have a visitor". So there I was, having coffee with a new friend, in her living room with the MOST amazing view of the bay. We talked politics, motherhood, dogs, Turkey (the country not the animal), the Cuban missile crisis, more politics, crazy cultural norms of foreign countries, travel plans and dreams, pre-retirement careers....

Before long my guy had arrived with a big tall ladder. And he sure was chipper for a guy who had to leave work and drive 1/2 an hour (one way) to climb through a very high window on a precariously positioned ladder.
"Thanks for not being mad, Honey. You know I am a first born, and I don't usually do stupid stuff like this," I joked.
"I know. But this is your second offense this week."
"What?! What was my other offense?"
"The chicken water".
"Oh, yeah." Grumble, grumble, groan.
"And now you owe me. Big-time." Smile, smile, smile.

Pray for me, friends. I need it!


  1. Oh my sweet, fellow first born friend! Thanks for sharing about your opportunity to meet a few new friends. I can totally relate about hating to make dumb mistakes. I will pray for you. Have a great week! With Love and a Smile, Tamy
    ...oh, ya...I really like you new fall blog...your have inspired me again. First it was the theme decorating and now the theme blog thing. Very fun!

  2. WOW Mom!That was two dumb things. Well thank goodness for Bob!If for whatever reason you get locked out again you know what house to go to!!! Love ya madly!- Your Quincy Cowgirl =}

  3. Oh my! I'm certainly glad Bob showed up...and your sweet DH. I will go talk to Phyllis tomorrow and tell her what you're 'really like' :-) She's probably a first born herself and can't imagine anyone doing that!
    I already have my 'one' thing for this week. As in, I got the missed pieces for everyone's block ready to go in the mail. See ya soon!
    PS Love the new banner :-)

  4. Rana, I love you. You're so funny!

  5. Oh my goodness Mom, you're falling apart! But on the upside, you have a bunch of new old friends!