Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is that noise?

So, I was out working in the yard this morning when my little ears heard a most unexpected sound. Most unexpected indeed. It went something like this...

Now Erererererrrrrrrrrr......happens around here all the time. Especially at daybreak.

But, errr....er...er...er..e..r....errr..er is something else all together. That is the sound a new rooster makes. One who has just discovered that he can crow. One that hasn't got the kinks worked out yet.

But, the thing is, I did not realize that any of my new "hens" were morphing into something else. And believe me, I watch them very closely when they are little, because it is usually obvious pretty early on. Big feet, big comb, and of course the classic symptom...tail feathers. Nothing. So, I figured that I had a nice little flock of hens.

Until this morning.

Now, in my own defense, let me just say that I have been very busy and distracted this last month. Getting Becca moved off to school and then getting used to it, has been the focus of my days. The hens have been somewhere on the periphery.

Until this morning. Now they are definitely back on my radar!

So, with no further adieu, here is my new rooster. He is supposed to be a Cukoo Maran, but he is awfully white. So, I am not even sure about that!

Notice the absence of tail feathers?

But, his comb is bigger and he has the long neck feathers.

And then there is the crowing thing. Drat!!

But, on the up side, summer has finally arrived. And with the heat comes tomatoes! Yum!

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