Monday, June 14, 2010

Blue Jeans and Spotted Fawns

Did you see the June Challenge over at Elephantz?
I signed up and have made a couple of things to show you. But first, let me show you what I made last summer.

Last year, our local fair added a category to the Home Arts department. It was called Recycled Item. So many wonderful things were made from everything from hubcaps to propane tanks to electricity insulators and old sweaters. But, by far, the most popular thing to recycle was blue jeans. It was very fun and inspiring. And, that is how I came to make this great purse.
Now, I have had some leftover denim that I wanted to use up, so this challenge was perfect. And, let me just say that this denim was not easy to come by. I practically had to beg my guy for a pair of his rattly old jeans. He claims that the rattier they are, the better they are, and that to ask for such a treasure for the purpose of crafting is quite unreasonable! He did come through for me though, and gave me a holey in some places, worn thin in other places, grease stained pair of "treasure" and told me that beggar's cannot be choosers when I complained that they were not exactly the pair I had in mind. So, you can see my need to use up every little piece of that denim!

Project #1, a pincushion:

Project #2, monogrammed oven mitts for me and my girls:

The project that I really wanted to make, however, is still on it's way. And, my baby brother has just generously donated several pairs of his old jeans, no begging required, so I have plenty of denim to work with and several more projects on my mind! So, stay tuned....

And to close this post: Did you know that it is fawn season? It is also baby quail and baby turkey season, but I only have fawn photos.

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  1. Awesome use of the treasured denim! It looks wonderful sewn back together :-) You are clever!
    We have a fawn (I've only seen one) hanging out around our house. I'm never fast enough with the camera though.
    I LOVED the get together last night. What a creative and sweet group of women. Thank you so much for inviting me. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again :-)