Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The One Flower Wednesday challenge has got me started again on a project that has been hanging around here for awhile. And when I say "for awhile" I mean many many years!

So here's the deal. My family loves to travel all over America. We drive, pulling a fifth wheel. We have been through every state, except Hawaii of course. We have also been all over Canada, and we have spent a lot of time on the AL CAN.

In the Fall of 2003, my oldest daughter and I started collecting 30's fat quarters, one from each state. We decided to use these fabrics to make Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts. Our inspiration was twofold. Firstly, there was a beautiful GFG quilt that hung outside of a little shop in Winslow, Arizona that we just loved. And secondly, hexies are easy to make while traveling.

Now, here we are almost 7 full years later, and the projects are still unfinished. Part of my problem is that I keep changing the way I want my hexies to look. I put them together and then a couple of years later I change my mind and take them apart! So this is where I am now, taking them apart again. But this is the last time. For sure. Really. The final time. Definitely.

So, I need a little advice from all of you hexie makers. If I were to fill the inside of each ring with one solid color, white for example, what is the best way to do that? Is it to fill it with hexies or is it to applique the outer ring to a solid piece? Does one way give you a better finished product?
Please help this floundering soul get her bearings!


  1. I would say to fill it in with hexies. How about taking the pink center and put it in the blue ring and the blue center in the pink ring? That would be pretty.

  2. These are so pretty and I agree with Karen about putting the pink inside the blue,but I would like to go one step further and also change over the two centre hexies too,,,but please,,,that just my thoughts,,whatever you do, its going to look lovely,,,

  3. Yeah, I would definitely do the counterchange but I would leave the hearts the way they are. Why don't you just shop around all the wonderful hexagons on the list - I am sure you will get loads of ideas.

  4. Ha! I say applique them down...and I like white. And although these other ladies might not be offended if you don't take their advice, I will be!....just kidding! It will be fabulous!!!

  5. I agree with filling it in but whatever you choose it will look lovely.

  6. They're lovely flowers and I too would go with the filling in approach :)