Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Notions

Little Notions
June 4, 2010

I believe that someone needs a big "Happy Birthday" wish from her mother! Happy Birthday B....(censured nickname that I am forbidden to share on this blog), I love you.

I am inspired by Kaffe Fassett books. The quilts. The photography. The fabrics. The featured artists. The colors.

I am reading Kaffe books. Big surprise, huh?

I really want to receive a reward or award or something (a purple heart maybe) for surviving the teenage years! YeeHaw!!

Outside I have declared a war on gophers. So far 8 tomato plants have lost their lives, and 1 gopher is shouting a victory cry. 2 bombs have failed. And Grandpa George, the gopher expert is on the hunt. Today wire baskets were made for my remaining plants. So we will just see who laughs last!

In my kitchen there is a Tres Leche cake just waiting for the Birthday Girl! It is her all-time favorite.

A photo thought about baby Becca:

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  1. What a sweet baby! Let me know how the gopher war goes! I am in the middle of an earwig assault!! They can eat a lot!