Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Queen For A Day.

I had a birthday over the weekend, and it was fabulous! And actually, the celebrating started on Friday and promises to carry on through at least Thursday!! Can you believe it? Queen for a day has turned into Queen for a week. And let me just say, I like it!

I have been taken to lunch once and dinner twice. I was treated to a quilting class and a pedicure. Two red velvet cakes were baked in my honor, and my guy cooked me my favorite dinner. And, then there are several FABULOUS gifts to top it all off!

Thanks a million to every sweet one of you who blessed me on my 40th (again) birthday. I love all of you!!

Now, there was one gift that I must share with you. One that stood out in the crowd. One that was the be-all and end-all of birthday gifts. It was from my Grandpa George. And I say it was just from Grandpa George because Grandma Carol was quick to distance herself from the whole situation. (That was my first hint that things may not be all that they seem.)

It came in this "antique" box. (Hint #2)

As the box was being unwrapped there was a little hushed discussion between my guy and GG and I caught the words "treasure" and "shed". (Hint #3)

There was also a little note in the box that proclaimed this treasure to be "95% restored". (Hint #....good grief)

And inside was this:

An archaic, and broken............gopher trap. Yes, that is right. GG lovingly and meticulously cleaned and wrapped this treasure just for me! I know. I am a lucky girl.

As a side note, GG has only recently acquired this "treasure". But, when I gave it to him it was covered in rust and dirt.

I hope that all of you have a GG in your lives!

Giggles and a TTFN


  1. Look at all the red you are aquiring in your UFO list!! Congratulations!

  2. Gotta love Grandpa George!!