Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Next Day

Have you ever noticed how mornings after an elections are always the same?
You open the paper, or turn on the news or talk radio, or what ever you do to stay informed.
And you review. It's always the same, and it goes like this.....

Are you kidding me! I cannot believe that passed.
There is no way that Prop #whatever didn't pass. What is wrong with people.
Oh thank goodness that passed, it was important.
Yes! We are finally going to see some commonsense governing.
We just elected WHO??!!

You know it is true. Whether you are a conservative or a lib, it's always the same.
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
God Bless America and this democracy built on a government for the people and by the people!

On another political note, my guy went to the city council meeting last night. You know the one that goes on and on and on and on.....
Well anyway, last night's agenda included making our town a Whale Friendly City. Never mind what the President and the Chinese are doing, here in A Town, we support the whales.
If you are like me, you had no idea that these are the kinds of things that happen at city council meetings!

Finally, have you seen this? Oil Spill Cleanup

And that will be enough politics for today!


  1. Interesting video. My hair dresser is collecting hair and pantyhose to send to a company doing something similar. It will take years of work but I'm glad somebody is coming up with ideas to help.
    Hope to see ya soon :-)

  2. That whale thing is hilarious to me! Glad Atascadero, no where near the ocean, is friendly to whales!!

  3. Whale friendly?!! Who would have thought?!! I enjoyed your commentary on the political day after...very funny but extremely true. Out here in nowhere OK, a bill or tax can pass if only four people show up to staying informed is VERY important if we don't want to bless our county with more money each year~ugh! Whales haven't been too high on our list around here but glad to know y'all hae that covered there on the coast! Miss you lots~ Tamy