Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Notions

Little Notions
June 25, 2010

I believe that I am announcing a winner today. It is lucky number 2, as decided by the random number generator. Loris, aren't you glad you entered three times!

I just love sunflowers. And sadly, I have not planted any this summer.

I am creating fun and fabulous (and maybe not so fabulous) things out of denim. And it is so much fun! You can see my little denim gallery here.

I am learning how to use my new copy machine/ fax machine/ printer/ headache. These things are so complicated. All I want to do is make color copies. But no, instead I am reading a manual and adding software and troubleshooting, and driving to staples, and calling staples.....aargh.

Outside the weather has been weird. Overcast, humid, rather dreary. The last time we had weird weather like this, I heard people calling it earthquake weather. And it was. indeed, followed by an earthquake. I think that was the San Simeon earthquake?? So, hopefully this is not a repeat of that.

In my kitchen is everything I need to make authentic Mexican tacos and margaritas for a few friends who are coming to dinner tonight. YUM!

A photo thought about slippers.


  1. OK, I admit it...I've been thinking about this quilt top all week long. I am so excited :-) I love that walrus and the lighthouse and the beach umbrella. Hawt dawg, I winnnnnnnnn!
    Thank you, Rana. This is simply too cool!
    I can hardly believe it.

  2. Hey Girl! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Today (6/26) is your special day!! Wahoo!! I hope you are abundantly blessed with a memorable birthday. I am thinking you'll be getting your toes done...isn't that a family birthday tradition? Have fun!! ENJOY!! I love you ~Tamy

  3. No Sunflowers! That's crazy!