Friday, June 11, 2010

Little Notions

Little Notions
June 11, 2010

I believe that camping is good for you. A little R and R in the great outdoors sure can recharge a person.

I just love girlfriends! Especially the ones that you have known for years and years. The ones who have walked with you through life's peace and it's storms. The ones you raised your babies with. The ones who know your husband's quirks almost as well as you do! The ones that you can count on for anything. I just love those women.

I am creating fun projects out of denim for Jenny of Elephantz' June challenge. So far I have made several little things, which I will show you next week. But the thing that I realy want to make, well, I haven't started that yet. But I will. Soon.

I am reading "State Fair" by Earlene Fowler. I was number 2 zillion and 3 on the library waiting list, but my time has finally come! I know, I should probably just buy the book, but then it gets shoved in a closet or something and just collects dust. So, the library works for me.

I really need a mosquito management system. One that actually works! I finally have my pergola, and I am serving dinner out there, but the mosquitoes have a way of diminishing my joy! And that of my guests as well!

Outside the gopher war rages on! Apparently the cages around my tomato plants have work perfectly because now he is in my lettuce bed. Every morning I go out and see a little mound of dirt next to a half eaten head of lettuce. Speckled butter crunch lettuce. It takes him 2 days to eat each plant, so at least we are still getting some. I am adding a ultrasonic thing and an ugly spring loaded trap to my arsenal. With any luck he will be curtains by the end of the week!

A photo thought about a little pincushion I made this week

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  1. Very sweet pincushion. I love the crocheted? little cap.